Why I Bike to Work?



… because I am lucky I can.

I consider myself lucky because my working distance is enough for me to make a biking choice, even though I don’t live in a cyclist friendly city. It takes just a little longer than car with no traffic, but definetly faster than car with traffic during rush hour. So I am lucky.

I’m fortunate that my office building has an exclusive bike parking and there is a fitness centre around the corner for me to take shower before work. Yes, I am lucky.

I appreciate the blessing that I am healthy enough to ride. One day that might not be the case. I fit enough to ride, I am lucky.

I am amused every time I meet another cyclist along the road. There is an unwritten rule amongst bike commuter that we’ll always acknowledge another cyclist. It’s the rejoicing of a kindred spirit and a shared passion. I am the luckiest cyclist.

Is it dangerous? It may. Considering I ride in the infamous Jakarta traffic with kopaja, metromini and millions of motorcycles. But life is full of risk. You can die in a traffic accident or of heart failure because you don’t get enough exercise. We are a free human being, and we choose our own way of commuting.

So while I can, I will. Because I can’t be sad while riding a bicycle.